Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service Outline
Most Bar/Bat Mitzvah services will include a combination of:

  1. Prayers led by the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and their family members.
  2. Discussion of the Torah portion studied by the Bar/Bat Mitzvah in preparation for the day.
  3. A reading and presentation of 12 passages selected from Scripture, Talmud, and Jewish Spiritual writings. These passages contain the most important Judaic values and lessons that are critical to the healthy maturation of a Jewish boy or girl.
  4. Remarks by the Rabbi, parents, and siblings in honor of the occasion.

When do Bar/Bat Mitzvah Services take place?
There are several appropriate times for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Services. The timing of the
service will also impact the choice of prayers.

  1. Friday Night Shabbat Service (most appropriate in spring and early fall)
  2.  Saturday night Havdalah Service (most appropriate in late fall and winter)
  3.  Sunday Service
  4.  Weekday services are also available if desired.