Why is Chabad starting to charge a membership fee?

In the past, Chabad activities and programs were funded solely by voluntary donations from generous members of our community. Due to the growth of our community, and the rising costs of our new beautiful Chabad building, Chabad needs to move to a membership model to continue fund and sustain our vibrant community.

Can my family participate in Chabad events if we are not members?

Becoming a member at Chabad is the best way to give you and your family the optimal Jewish life experience. However, Chabad will continue to be a welcoming place for all who would like to join our programs and events. While we encourage every family to become members of our vibrant Jewish community, all programs and events will be open to non-members as well.

What are the benefits of being a member at Chabad?

Chabad Membership Benefits include:
●    Complimentary High Holiday Seats for immediate family members.
●    Listing in the Membership Directory.
●    Complimentary listings of departed loved ones in Yom Kippur Yizkor book.
●    Complimentary Box of Shmurah Matzah for Passover.
●    Discount on all Chabad events and programs including Sisterhood, JLI, Shabbat Dinners,Passover Seders, and more.
●    Menorah & Candles kit mailed to your college age children at school.
●    Mishloach Manot - Purim Basket - delivered to your home.
●    Complimentary Lulav & Etrog set for Sukkot.
●    Shiva service after the loss of a loved one.
●    Belonging to an amazing Jewish community & building lifelong friendships.

What if my family is not in a financial position to afford membership?

Chabad will always be committed to offering Jewish experiences and an education to anyone in our community who wants it regardless of their ability to pay for it.  No one is turned away for lack of funds. If you cannot afford the full amount requested, please contact the rabbi at [email protected] for a confidential arrangement.

Why are there different levels/types of membership opportunities?

The true cost to Chabad for every family that belongs to our community is $3000. We are conscious of the fact that this is not within the budget of every family. The higher levels of membership, especially the Chai Society Membership, allow us to continue to offer the highest level of educational, religious and social programming, while making this all available to all, regardless of their ability to pay. If you are in a position to upgrade your membership or become a Chai Society member, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

What are the dates of membership year?

Chabad of Bedford membership year is September to August.

Are High Holiday services open to non-members?

While High Holidays seats are complimentary with membership, seats are also available for purchase for non-members.

I just made a recent generous donation to Chabad at or above the amount of membership. Does that gift count towards membership for 2023-2024?

We are so appreciative of your recent generosity to Chabad and understand your dilemma. Please email our office ([email protected]) to request that the gift be applied to Membership.