All Sukkot Services will take place at OUTDOORS,
100 South Bedford Rd. - Behind the building.

Masks are mandatory. Please follow social distancing. 

Friday, October 2
  Light Candles 6:16 pm
Shabbat, October 3 & Sunday, October 4
  Saturday Morning Service - OUTDOORS 10:30 am
  Light Candles After (Shabbat Eve)

7:13 pm  

  Sunday morning services OUTDOORS 10:30am
Shmeni Atzeret
Friday,  October 9
  Light Candles 6:05 pm
Shabbat, October 10
  Morning Service with Yizkor OUTDOORS 10:30 am
Simchat Torah
Shabbat, October 11  
  Saturday morning - OUTDOORS 6:00 pm
  Outdoor Simchat Torah Celebration 7:00 pm
  Light Candles After 7:02 pm
Sunday, October 12
  Morning Services and Hakafot - OUTDOOR 10:30am
  Holiday Ends 7:00 pm