Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are a period of transition, where children take their first definitive
steps toward the autonomy of adulthood. They begin to explore themselves and their
world through a new set of lenses that are gifted to them at this point in their lives.
Children think more in the short term, mostly conscious of immediate needs and
desires. As we transition into adulthood, we are thrust into the role of choosing correct
responses to life’s dilemmas, and we slowly begin to seek meaning, fulfillment,
connection, and inspiration.

The words Bar & Bat Mitzvah literally mean “Son & Daughter of the Mitzvah”; it is the
moment when Jewish tradition deems the young adult mature enough to accept
responsibility to assume their unique role in the Jewish calling and mission.

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony is Judaism’s way of celebrating this significant transition
and milestone by arming your child with a value framework that will empower them to
safely explore their developing cognitive and emotional sides, unique abilities and
navigate emerging challenges.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah and their preparations are designed to empower each child with the
knowledge and skills to navigate the world as a Jewish man and woman. Together with
a private mentor and at their own pace, your child will explore our rich heritage and
timeless traditions, and how to be a healthy teenager in the 21st century.