fah.jpgWhat is Friends at Home?

Imagine the life of a child who has no friends. Imagine the loneliness and isolation!

Throughout our community there are children with special needs who yearn for friendship.

Introducing The Friendship Circle - a program that pairs teen volunteers with children with special needs.

Teens that volunteer for Friendship Circle will spend quality time with children with special needs in the environment the kids are most comfortable in and familiar with: their own homes. The teens are guided and trained for their valuable role as friend and mentor. A unique bond is established between the volunteers and their friends. The range of activities shared can be anything from cookie-baking to arts & crafts, story-time to hide-and-seek and more.

These visits can be arranged to accommodate a wide variety of schedules.

Click here to download the TEENAGE volunteer form

If you are a parent of a child with special needs and would like friends to come to your home - click here to download the parent request form.

For more information contact Darielle Cohen - friendship@chabadbedford.com