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Vision & Philosophy

Vision & Philosophy




Vision & Goals

Our goal is to provide an education that will give the students knowledge and understanding of Jewish tradition, an appreciation for the timeless values of Judaism and to inspire and instill in them a strong sense of pride for who they are as Jews.


Educational Philosophy & Core Values.

Relevance, Joy, Identity.

RELEVANCE – Judaism and its values and traditions are as relevant today as ever and enrich our lives and the lives of our families with a sense of meaning and purpose. At CHS students are taught to view Jewish history, holidays, values and traditions as a practical and relevant guide to living a wholesome and spiritual life.



JOY - Living right is an intense experience, but doing so with joy makes the experience an even more enriching one. Joy generates energy; it pushes us forward and gives us a sense of productivity and growth. People are passionate about the things they enjoy and the experience of Judaism is enhanced when it is a pleasurable and enjoyable one. At CHS we focus on the joy of Judaism and in the happiness and delight living as a Jew gives us.  



IDENTITY- Jewish culture, language, holidays and traditions are not just powerful and relevant ideas, but they are our heritage and our history. Students will feel a sense of belonging - they will see the Torah as the guide to their lives, Jewish history as their family story, and living a Jewish life as the key to writing their chapter in the narrative of the Jewish people.