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  • Journey of the Soul: An Exploration of Life, Death, and What Lies Beyond6 Tuesdays beginning October 27
  • Alive or Just Not Yet Dead?Don't wait until you are dying to start learning how to live!
    Do our lives actually reflect the values we profess?
    If you could write your eulogy what would it say?

    Wed. November 4th - 7:30pm
  • Commander Sassy Reuven - Operation Entebbe First hand account of how Israel pulled off the greatest hostage rescue in history!

    Thursday, October 29th - 7:30pm
    Read More
  • Learn the Parshah in DepthCommentaries culled from the broad corpus of Jewish scholarship.Read More
  • Hit the Road, Jack! We were completely unaware of the festivities we would encounter.Read More
  • Jewish People Are Under Attack. What Can We Do to Help?Read More
  • What was Adam’s Purpose Before He Sinned?If part of Man’s purpose is to rectify the world from the effects of the sin of the forbidden...Read More
  • Purple Cabbage & Apple SaladWith Lemon Tahini DressingRead More
  • Who Controls the Weather?What is our responsibility toward the environment?Read More
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Journey of the Soul

Beginning Tuesday October 27

Alive or just not yet Dead?

November 4th 7:30pm

Commander Sassy Reuven Operation Entebbe

Thursday, October 29, 7:30pm

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